Deli Sandwiches

Specialty Hot Deli Sandwiches

Sam's ReubenSam’s Reuben: This sandwich really is supposed to test someone’s experience of having tasted the best Rueben they have ever had. Maybe it’s the fact that we use gruyere cheese and Russian dressing instead of Swiss and thousand island. Our Swirl Marble Rye is sliced thick so is our corned beef. Of coarse there is sauerkraut; making this sandwich a guaranteed top 5 experience 7.99

New York New YorkNew York New York: If you’ve traveled to the big apple and ate a true pastrami sandwich, you know to bring two things; an appetite and a napkin. This sandwich lives up to its origin. Combined with made-from-scratch coleslaw and house Russian dressing, a layer of Swiss cheese all pressed in-between Marble rye bread, you’ll be ready to nap on the subway. Wait, this is Columbus, You’ll nap back at the office 7.99

Lobster deli sandwichLobster Grilled Cheese: Enough said! When have you ever heard of a grilled cheese sandwich with Lobster. That’s right. This is a first. With real lobster meat and creamy havarti cheese and Panini bread, We took a shot in the dark and it worked. Its like a culinary 4th and 15 and we went for it. We were ready to either be heros or zeros. Try it. Be a Hero 7.99

Turkey DayTurkey Day: Think Thanksgiving as a sandwich. Oven roasted Turkey, Cranberry chutney, havarti cheese, alfalfa sprouts all squeezed in-between 9 grain bread like you’re usually squeezed inside your jeans come late November. You’ll be thankful 7.99

Turkey PearTurkey Pear: This sandwich says spring, happiness, peace. ok maybe not peace but defineltly happiness. just like our ceasar, russian, chipotle mayo, our champaine mayo is made, from scratch and to die for. check out this culmination of flavor. Oven roasted turkey, sprouts, blue cheese, tomatoes, on wheat bread 7.99

Sausage and PeppadewSausage and Peppadew: We here at C-town believe in quality and uniqueness. The peppadew pepper is only grown in South Africa and we decided to import it here to combine its sweetness to our highest of quality Italian sausage and goat cheese. It starts its dazzle in our Panini press and delivers its unique flavor to your taste buds 6.99

Italian PaniniItalian Panini: Italy is known for its superiority in meats. This sandwich is slightly pricey, but have you driven a luxury car recently? Two words WORTH IT. Pepperoni, Salami, Mortadella, Capocollo, and Sopressata Topped off with marinara sauce and pressed inside Italian Panini bread. Test drive one today 8.99

Shrimp Po BoyNew Orleans Style Shrimp Po’Boy: Cajun spiced Shrimp, Sazon rice, tomatoes, Cheyenne pepper Mayo, parmesan cheese all baked inside a 10” French loaf. In new Orleans, if the insides of a sandwich aren’t falling outside of the sandwich, they send it back. Here, its overstuffed, but we won’t take it back, Again, this is Columbus not New Orleans. This is a big one 8.99

El CubanoEl Cubano: A variation of a ham and cheese originally created by Cuban cigar workers. The essence of this sandwich exist here at C-Town, and just like the workers in Florida They worked such long hours, they made their sandwiches so large they would eat it for lunch and dinner. Nothing like an original cuban cigar or sandwich. – ham, turkey, mortadella, swiss, pickles, dijonaise, hoagie bread 7.99

Fajita deli sandwichFajita Sandwich: Anything chipotle these days makes for some south of the border taste. Ours is a chipotle mayo. When mixed with our pulled chicken breast, roasted red peppers and onions, jack cheese, grilled inside Panini bread, you’ll feel like washing it down with a Corona. By the way, you can get Corona at C-Town as well 6.99

Pulled pork deli sandwichBBQ pulled pork or Chicken: This isn’t left over chicken tossed with bbq sauce and hoping it gets by. We specifically bring in marinated chicken and pork that has spent days swimming with sweet baby rays bbq sauce and jack daniels wiskey. Nothing else needed. Couple slices of cheddar cheese and a healthy Kaiser bun. Simple and delicious 6.99

Cordon BleuCordon bleu: Sounds fancy but that’s just because blue in Bleu cheese is spelled weird. This sandwich is typically simple. The truth is simple can only work if the ingredients are of superior quality. Aged naturally salted gorgonzola (bleu) cheese, Black forest ham, tender grilled chicken inside Italian bread. Fancy shmancy 6.99

Chicken PitaChicken Pita: Shawirma is a staple fast food in the middle east, north Africa, and eastern Europe. We have taken chicken tenderloins and marinated them in shawirma spices. we then spread tahini sauce and hummus on a pita and then throw in house pickles to wrap this baby up. This one is for those whom seek education for their palate 6.99

Hoagie deli sandwichHoagie: The American version of the Cuban sandwich. In terms of eating it for lunch and dinner. This is a BIG sandwich. Some call it the submarine, some call it a hero. You may have also heard Cosmos, Torpedoes, Bombers, Zeppelins, and Wedges. All the same. VERY BIG sandwich. Pilled high Ham, Turkey, cheddar, swiss, tomatoe and onion on ofcoarse hoagie bun 6.99

Salmon deli sandwichSalmon Burger: This is a Rachael Ray thing, or wolfgang puck thing. Salmon patty, Fresh corn salsa, mixed greens, garlic aoli. Fine dining. We should serve th